Online Voting System

Real-Time Online Voting Tool for Any In-person, Virtual or Hybrid Meeting

Organizations need an online voting platform that allows them to hold in-person, virtual and hybrid meetings. DirectVoteLive is a convenient, efficient option for teams within member organizations to conduct secure, official votes during any meeting. This is an easy, self-administered online voting software solution that helps reduce the workload of administrators by allowing your organization to quickly create voting events in a secure, live, online environment. This electronic virtual meeting software is ideal for associations, cooperatives, credit unions, HOAs, clubs, unions, and more!

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Online Voting Platform Features

easy onboarding

Easy Onboarding

Guided voting software onboarding for meeting hosts. Participants simply sign in and begin virtual voting. The online voting system is ideal for in-person, virtual, or hybrid board meetings.
vote on the go

Vote on the Go

With DirectVoteLive’s online voting platform, you can read, review and modify meeting action items from anywhere on any device: web voting software, mobile, tablet and more!
meeting dashboard

Custom Dashboards

Every host has a personalized dashboard for every meeting. Quickly take roll call, begin the meeting, and open voting for your action items.
3 asterisks and a line

Credentialed Access

DirectVoteLive meeting rooms can only be accessed by participants and hosts after verifying a password and second method of identification.
group support

Voting Software for Groups

DirectVoteLive is as diverse as your organization! Making groups for your committees as an admin has never been easier with our multi-group support features.

Industry-Leading Security

Top-level cloud reliability, SOC 2 compliant, and security with Azure. Encrypted data at every stage with 24/7 monitoring and intrusion prevention.
Run Votes During Any Virtual Meeting with DirectVoteLive

Administrator Tools for Virtual Voting

Effortless Setup

Automatically add motion options and prior meeting minutes approval with one click.

Unlimited Motions

Preset motions during setup or add as many new ones as needed when they arise during the meeting in real-time.

Large or Small Meetings

Customize your plan to host smaller groups or several thousand voters during large annual meetings with an Enterprise package.

Tailored Voting

Customize the meeting based on organizations requirements including anonymous or transparent voting, weighted votes, and if results are visible to voters.

Recurring Meetings

Save time creating motions and adding attendees when copying a meeting.

Document Sharing

Easily and securely upload and display meeting minutes, reports, agendas, and more.

Live Roll Call

Meeting hosts can verify attendance in real-time from the meeting dashboard.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Monitor meeting attendees, open and close motion items, review live results all from one dashboard.

Post-Meeting Notifications

Participants will receive official notice voting has ended upon adjuring any meeting.

Real-time Reporting

Speed up your meeting with instant results that you can download and save.

Anonymous Voting

All meetings have the option to have anonymous voting based on your organization’s needs.


An essential tool to conduct real-time, online, and secure polling for in person, virtual or hybrid meetings.

Online Voting Tool Security Features


Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. SBS utilizes industry-leading Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to secure DirectVoteLive data.


Your data is compliant. SBS ensures adherence to industry security standards at every step.


Top-level cloud reliability and security. Partnering with Azure, SBS offers world-class security, full disaster recovery and data co-location in redundant data centers.

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