Voting Software for Meetings, Boardroom Voting, Committee Approval and More

Clubs, associations, cooperatives, unions, and many other membership organizations make key decisions through voting events. With every member’s vote playing a critical role in your decision-making, it’s essential to have a suitable solution that can effectively handle the job. This is where Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) excels, providing reliable voting software solutions designed to deliver a speedy and seamless voting experience.

Our Robust Event Voting Software Platform

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution enables your association, club or group to hold live voting events during your regularly scheduled meetings. As a SaaS platform, our real-time voting software is accessible on any connected device, hosted by secure servers and easily scalable to suit varying numbers of voters. All of these features are housed under a predictable subscription pricing model.

Effortlessly connect every member with the convenience of a shareable link, leading to a sign-in process that’s simple. Once every participant submits their vote, the system stores your results for historical minutes.

During the event, you can edit motions in real time to reflect group decisions. Access the platform from any device, and discuss options with group members through the integrated chat feature. Designed for ease, our live voting solution allows you to tailor your voting based on specific organizational requirements. Decide if results are visible to other voters, select anonymous or transparent voting and opt for weighted votes when necessary.

An online voting tool for meetings, conferences and group events revolutionizes decision-making across a wide range of scenarios. From electing new board members to selecting fundraising events and beyond, it transforms how you approach and navigate critical choices.

The Benefits of a Conference Voting Software System

With an online voting system for events, your organization can elevate and accelerate every meeting.

Reach All Attendees

With the ability to sign in from any connected device, your attendees can join the voting event from anywhere in the world. Involve every member in your conference room and over video chat to get input from your entire group.

Our voting platform is designed for ease-of-use, so every member can use the tools confidently, regardless of technical background.

Increase Engagement

Interactive elements like online voting can increase engagement during meeting times. Rather than talking to your members for an hour, give them a platform to voice their opinions and views, whether they’re attending in person or virtually.

This engagement is valuable for major changes to your club or group, like voting in new leadership or changing bylaws. You can also use this feature to add some fun to your next meeting. Do you bring snacks every week? Ask your members to vote for next week’s treat.

Keep Voting Events Private and Secure

Hosts and members can only access your voting events with a personalized username and password provided by SBS. Additionally, our platform has various security features to maintain your privacy. All data is encrypted and compliant with industry security standards, such as SOC 2, and we have 24/7 monitoring and intrusion protection.

Specify whether vote results are public or private for every vote or an entire meeting to protect the validity of the results. Access voting results for any meeting as long as your account is open, and trust our platform’s data backup to safeguard your enterprise data.

Enjoy Ease for Your Voting Events

SBS designed our live voting solution to be user-friendly for every type of voting event. The platform features a comprehensive dashboard where you can instantly access and edit real-time information, including open motion items, meeting attendance and live results.

Other user-friendly features include live roll call and access on any connected device. Read and review meeting action items from anywhere on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Learn More About Our Online Voting Software Tools for Meetings

When voting is a core practice of your organization, you want it to be secure, simple and engaging. Change the way you run your voting events. See what our voting software can do at your next meeting, and contact us today to get started.