SBS Voting Solutions for Sports Clubs and Leagues

Our custom voting solutions offer you the flexibility to hold successful elections. We provide:

Virtual Meeting Voting
  • DIY online solutions

    SBS offers easy-to-manage, secure, self-administered software for Sports Clubs, Teams, or Leagues with up to 5,000 members. With our DIY online solution, members can vote from any place using any device. We’ll provide instructional videos and resources to simplify setup and elections.

Dedicated Project Manager
  • Comprehensively managed solutions

    Our fully managed services provide turnkey election solutions, including the ability to use multiple voting methods. Our all-in-one solution enables you to host hybrid, paper-based, mobile, and online elections with support from our election experts at every step

  • Combined voting solutions

    The SBS hybrid election solution is ideal if your Sports Club has a diverse membership base. Utilize onsite voting for members who want to cast their ballots in person while leveraging secure online solutions for those who prefer the convenience of voting from anywhere.

Option to utilize their self-administered platform or build your own election
  • Real-time voting solutions

    Our live voting system lets you make real-time decisions during meetings, elections, and virtual events. The purpose-built software increases engagement and helps you vote on matters swiftly and securely.

The Importance of Voting Tools for Sports Teams

Your Sports Club or Team needs engaged members to thrive. Getting members to vote for bylaw amendments, board appointments, agenda items, and fee approval is critical to keeping them invested and ensuring they feel heard. A convenient voting process is a must.

SBS offers flexible, secure, and easy-to-use voting tools to accelerate your processes and allow members to vote when, where, and how they want.

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Who We Serve

We have extensive experience assisting Sports Clubs, Teams, and Leagues in streamlining elections and communication. We serve:

  • Golf Clubs: Let your members leave politics at the office while they enjoy the course. SBS voting solutions allow members to vote from anywhere and at any time.
  • Racquet and Tennis Clubs: Utilizing SBS voting solutions can streamline the voting process for members, policies, or board appointments, making it simple and easy to manage. You can make decisions effortlessly with input from all members who want to get involved.
  • Athletic Clubs: Voting in Athletic Club elections should be quick and easy. Whether your members use your facility for the track, basketball, curling, or gymnastics, you want them to focus on what they enjoy most. Leverage the voting method you need to serve your Club best.
  • Recreation Clubs: SBS voting systems enable you to get feedback from members quickly and seamlessly. Have them vote on important matters online or using the method that makes the most sense for your Club.

Why Partner With SBS?

We’ve served Sports Facilities and Private Member Clubs with dynamic, easy-to-use voting systems for over three decades. Work with us to take advantage of:

  • A dedicated manager for your project
  • Responsive support throughout your elections
  • Streamlined and secure election software
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted systems
  • Solutions for various-sized Clubs
  • Software to engage members and amplify voter turnout

Streamline Voting for Sport Leagues

SBS has helped thousands of member organizations, including Sports Clubs and Leagues, simplify voting processes and enhance communication to boost engagement.

Make voting frictionless, efficient, and customized to your needs — contact us online.