SBS Voting Solutions

We customize solutions based on your Religious Organization’s requirements. We provide:

Dedicated Project Manager
  • Fully managed solutions

    Our comprehensive, fully managed election services deliver turnkey solutions and various voting methods to suit your congregation. Count on support from our experts every step of the way.

multiple options
  • DIY online solutions

    We offer convenient, secure, self-service online voting for Churches and Religious Organizations with up to 5,000 voters.

  • Real-time solutions

    Our live voting system enables you to hold secure voting in real time during virtual meetings.

Who we serve: Cooperatives

Why Leverage a Voting Solution for Your Church or Religious Organization?

Your Church or Religious Organization must vote on important matters. Keeping voting secure and accurate is complex, especially when balancing these aspects of the election process with efforts to boost congregation participation. With solutions by SBS, voting is secure, frictionless, and easy to manage.

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Who We Serve

SBS has helped facilitate Church leadership elections and other critical votes for:

  • Local Churches: No matter the size of your congregation, we will help you streamline your monthly and annual voting. Our solutions simplify voting on multiple agenda items, motion approvals, and leadership items.
  • International Organizations: With online voting systems, you can reach your members from anywhere in the world at any time. You can even leverage online and in-person voting to give members options.
  • Other Religious Organizations: If you support a cause and need a secure voting solution to ratify your agenda, SBS can help. Our customizable solutions are simple to set up for quick, effortless voting.

Benefits of Partnering With Us

With over three decades of experience, we can make your elections and communication with members frictionless and engaging. We provide:

  • Secure, trusted voting: Our election software provides unbiased Church leader elections and bylaw amendments you can trust. Our solutions are transparent, helping you garner member trust and show good stewardship of your organization.
  • Instructional video support: SBS offers instructional videos to serve as your Church voters’ guide. These resources show you how to complete the online voting process from start to finish.
  • Enhanced member engagement: Combine election software with our other solutions to improve voting experiences. When For example, text message invites and email reminders prompt you prompt congregation members to submit their votes and can significantly boost enagement and participation.
  • Real-time tallies: Our self-service software provides instant election results, which means you no longer need volunteers to count and recount votes. You’ll also eliminate costs associated with paper-based elections.
  • Fortified systems and analytics: SBS voting solutions are encrypted and offer 24/7 monitoring for vulnerabilities. System analytics provide extensive insights and capabilities, which you can use to improve future elections or voting for Church constitution amendments.

Streamline Your Religious Organization’s Voting With SBS

SBS has been helping Churches, Religious Organizations, and Member Associations plan and manage elections since 1990. We will help you simplify your elections and boost congregant engagement.

Contact us online to leverage our voting tools for Religious Organizations.