SBS Voting for Industry Associations

With decades of industry experience, SBS is prepared to meet your unique needs. We offer:

Dedicated Project Manager
  • Managed solutions

    SBS provides fully managed turnkey solutions to support various voting methods. Our dynamic managed services enable you to leverage paper-based, mobile, in-person, online, and hybrid voting. Count on support from our dedicated team at each step of the process.

multiple options
  • DIY online solutions

    We offer easy-to-manage, secure, self-service online voting for Industry Associations with 5,000 members or fewer. Our instructional videos will walk members through every step of the voting process, and our responsive team will assist you in providing a seamless experience.

Option to utilize their self-administered platform or build your own election
  • Real-time solutions

    Our purpose-built, live voting solutions are the perfect way to boost engagement and accelerate decision-making. Our software makes real-time voting at your board meetings or virtual events simple and secure.

Who we serve: Mutual Insurance Companies

Why Voting Tools for Industry Associations Are Critical

Your Association is a powerful force for change. To maximize its efforts, you need member participation and engagement during elections — but turnout can suffer when voting is labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Our voting solutions can help your Industry Association leverage the power of elections and communication without the hassle for your members and administrative team. We simplify voting processes with secure, flexible solutions.

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Who We Serve

SBS has been serving Industry Associations with first-rate voting solutions since 1990. We have extensive experience partnering with various types of organizations.

Voting Tools for Chambers of Commerce or Economic Development

Your members and locale are unique. You can streamline election processes and engage your members by leveraging SBS voting tools.

Voting Tools for Manufacturing Associations

Amplify your Manufacturing Association’s voting capabilities with SBS tools. Engage members in critical decisions, get feedback and member insights with an intuitive platform, and hold verifiable and credible elections.

Voting Tools for Trade Organizations

Members representing their Trade Organizations want to ensure their voices are heard. SBS voting solutions simplify board and executive member elections and make key agenda items like budget approvals seamless.

Voting Tools for Other Professional Associations

SBS assists various Professional Associations in holding secure, trusted elections:

  • Doctor and Medical Associations
  • Scientific and Academic Associations
  • Real Estate Board, Realtor Board, and Realty Professional Associations
  • Legal and Bar Associations
  • Fraternal and Networking Associations

The SBS Difference

We specialize in various voting tools, making us the go-to partner for Associations that need flexible, custom solutions. When you partner with us, you get:

  • Secure, encrypted voting software
  • 24/7 security monitoring for vulnerabilities
  • Assigned project managers who serve as your dedicated support team throughout your project
  • Proven election processes
  • Robust analytics and insights to improve future elections
  • Only verified/eligible members votes counted
  • Duplicate ballot prevention
  • Tools and technologies, such as embedded login links and QR codes, to simplify ballot access and increase voter turnout
a laptop a phone and a ballot box are floating in the air

Simplify Your Voting and Increase Engagement With SBS

For over three decades, SBS has offered secure, reliable, customizable, and easy-to-use voting solutions to Industry Associations nationwide and globally.

We will help you hold verifiable, unbiased elections. Contact our team online today.