Actionable Results from Survey & Ballot Systems

Survey & Ballot Systems produces actionable results for member organizations. How?

Comprehensive planning – Your organization’s successful election begins with a comprehensive plan including goals, key milestones and a promotions and communication strategy.

Security and peace of mind – SBS provides advanced security for your data as well as a complete plan to supervise the chain of custody for your ballots and verify accuracy. These security measures ensure your election data is accurate, reliable and can hold up under the closest scrutiny. SBS oversees both the physical and digital elements of your organization’s election to ensure full security and clean data at the end of the process.

Elections as opportunities – Never settle for “good enough.” An election is an important touch point for your members. SBS helps you take full advantage of the opportunity to engage members and represent your organization’s brand. We’ve got the knowledge, the people power and the foresight to gather all the right information, make the election an important event for your organization and the experience to ensure future efforts are even more successful.

Actionable intelligence – Your organization’s election is a unique snapshot of your membership. SBS gathers reporting and demographic information to help you understand the connections between your organization and members. We report back on who is voting, when they are voting, where they are and what systems they are using to interact with your organization. The information can be used beyond your election for strategic planning, marketing and more.

SBS has 25 years of proven results and hundreds of satisfied clients. We know how the important the election is to your organization and have the knowledge to make sure the data you get back from this important event goes beyond “winners” and “losers.”

Contact SBS today to find out how we can help your organization produce actionable results – from elections to beyond.