How Can Online Voting Benefit Your Association’s Members?

We hear it all the time from associations, “We need the maximum number of members to vote in our elections, but we always seem to have low voter participation. What are we doing wrong?”

When it comes to increasing voter participation in your association election, the two keys are to know your audience and give them options.

Too many member organizations still only offer limited options for their members to vote. When you know your member demographics, you can better offer multiple outlets to make it most convenient to cast a ballot.

Older, more established members may still prefer to vote via mail or phone, but even Baby Boomer-aged members now prefer having the option to vote online or with a mobile device. If your association isn’t yet offering online voting, you could be missing out on a large portion of your potential member votes.

In the event that your association’s bylaws don’t allow for full online elections, hybrid voting is an ideal solution to ease your association into online voting. But incorporating online voting into member elections is no longer considered cutting edge, it’s becoming an expected norm.

Is it safe and secure?

This is the number one question we get about online voting – and the answer is yes. Voting websites are hosted in a secure server environment and online ballots are transmitted using TLS (bank level) encryption technology. Voting websites are only accessible to authorized members using unique voter logins and passwords. Passive and active network and security monitoring services are used to prevent any unauthorized access.

Convenient and cost-effective

When you give your association members the opportunity to cast their ballots any time, anywhere, you remove the barriers and excuses that prevent people from voting. Online voting can also benefit your association’s bottom line by cutting down on election expenses like printing, postage, staff assembly and tabulation time and more. Online elections also produce accurate results quickly, making it convenient for your association’s staff and volunteers.

If your association is hesitant to add online voting as an option because it requires expertise and a higher level of support, partnering with an experienced third party like Survey & Ballot Systems can easily and securely keep your election process on track. We’ve administered thousands of online elections and can help your association take election participation to the next level.

Curious about how an online election could benefit your association’s members? Contact us any time, we’re here to help!