Avoiding Election Database Miscues

What you need to know:

  • Your member database is the backbone of everything you do.
  • The benefits of having a properly managed database will help with accuracy, planning, and reporting.
  • Working with a third party election can help with eliminating ballot errors, managing your election, and low voter participation.

Here at Survey & Ballot Systems, we’ve administered thousands of elections since our founding in 1990. Often, member organizations choose to work with SBS after administering their own elections for a while. We hear stories that range from high-stress levels and low voter participation to ballot errors causing challenged elections and lax security protocols causing member data breaches.

For more than 30 years, we’ve focused our time and efforts into becoming the member election experts. We continue to learn and grow every year. And because we’ve seen what happens when elections are run poorly or mistakes are made, we’re dedicating this resource to help ensure these issues are on your radar, and we’re giving you tried and true ways to prevent them from derailing your election.

Your member database is the backbone of everything you do. Without accurate member data, you cannot effectively communicate with members, inform them about vital functions such as elections or even keep them in good standing by collecting dues.

Database management is an ongoing task, but often one that only gets attention during elections. Your organization pays for mailings and they come back undeliverable because you have the wrong address. Emails bounce. You suddenly realize you don’t even have mailing or email addresses for one-third of your members… election time is not the time you want to have to be chasing down this information. It also makes you wonder how many other communications those members have missed because you haven’t kept the database up to date.

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