Five Ways to Optimize Your Association’s Website for an Election

Associations aren’t the same as for-profit businesses, of course. But when associations look to the most successful business websites for inspiration, they’ll find five important elements a website should have in order to drive results: action-oriented content, effective promotions, correct tone and language, fresh information and testing.

As you know, one of the top ways to connect with your members is through elections. Improving your association’s website to maximize voting connections is a great way to keep members visiting your site and improve election participation.

1. Make sure your election content is action-oriented.
One of your main goals with your website during voting season should be to educate members on the election. Take your election education efforts to the next level with action-oriented copy.

Here are a few good ideas to encourage your members to take action while getting more information on your election:

  • A link to member support so members can request information on voting and a ballot packet if applicable
  • Detailed information on candidates where voters can “click to learn more”
  • A “Vote Now” button linking your website to the election portal to further encourage voting

2. Optimize your website for election promotion and connections.
Your website can be a one-stop portal for all member election needs. Educating voters about elections and why they should vote, sample ballots, candidate interviews, videos and more help keep members engaged and ready to vote.

Adding elements like this engages members and encourages them to make your site the first stop when they need information on your election.

3. Know your audience.
Are you speaking in a tone/voice that your audience can relate to or is your content too high level and technical to appeal to your specific visitors? Are your graphics relevant and do they fit the content? Do you know how the majority of visitors view your site? Keeping a close eye on website analytics and testing (see below) can help your staff determine what works best for your audience so you can make communications and election promotion as effective as possible.

4. Keep it fresh.
Adding high quality, fresh, informative content on a regular basis (through weekly or monthly blog posts, for example) is a great way to keep members engaged and in-tune with what is going on with your election.

As your election draws closer, add information about how members can vote, why they should vote and candidates running for office.

5. Test.
When it comes to your website, do you know what works and what doesn’t? Testing different versions of pages, offers and articles to see what types of promotions, buttons and content generates the highest response ensures you’re making the biggest impact and getting the most out of your website.

Your website is most often the information hub for your association and its members. Make sure you are maximizing its effectiveness by using optimized content, effective promotions, appropriate tone and testing. For more information about how to make your association’s website a success and integrate cutting edge online technology, contact us.