Need An Election Reminder? We’ll Text You

What you need to know:

  • SBS now offers opt-in SMS/text messaging election reminders and voting invitations for member organizations
  • SMS/text messaging reminders and voting invitations are extremely effective at increasing election awareness and raising voter participation
  • SMS/text messaging is quick, convenient and secure

In the 1920s, 35% of Americans had a telephone. By 2005, that number had risen to nearly 95%. Today, 97% of adults in the U.S. say they own a cell phone. According to the Pew Research Center, an astonishing 100% of people ages 18 to 49 own a cell phone. The average American spends a total of five to six hours on their cell phone each and every day. If your member organization isn’t capitalizing on that always-on mode of communication, you’re missing out on enormous opportunities.

Introducing SBS Text Messaging Invitations

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) is now offering SMS/text message election reminders and voting invitations that reach members wherever they are. With personalized one-click embedded links, members can simply click, log in securely, and immediately cast their vote.

SMS/text messages maximize convenience and can greatly increase voter participation for organizations especially with younger members. In fact, research confirms that 75% of millennials prefer to receive text communications from an organization rather than speaking to them over the phone.


How it works

Members must opt-in to receive text messages from SBS for their organization’s upcoming election. To do this, member organizations can text or email their members with a link to the opt-in page, where they consent to receiving the election text messages. For example:

New this year: You can receive XYZ Association election invites via text message from SBS. Opt-in here: LINK

In addition, SBS can direct members to the opt-in page via email on behalf of your organization.

When it comes time to vote, members receive a brief text with a secure, customized link reminding them to vote. For example:

Vote in the XYZ Association election here: LINK

Text messaging to increase voter participation is most effective when used in combination with emails and QR codes, in the case of hybrid elections. The use of QR codes has risen dramatically during the pandemic, and are now widely accepted as a rapid way to gain information using a smartphone.


Why it works

Text message reminders are effective and efficient. The health care industry now broadly utilizes text messages as appointment reminders, which has in turn greatly reduced the number of missed appointments, according to multiple studies. Election reminders work the same way!

Not only does text messaging capability create awareness about the election, but it can also dramatically increase voter participation. When your members already have their phones in their hands, they can take immediate action to securely click and vote.

Intrigued? Curious to find out if SMS/text messaging reminders and invitations will work for your member organization? Connect with us here, we’re happy to show you how it works!