The most effective way to fill volunteer positions

If you’re like many member organizations, you’ve been here – staring at the same names, year after year, on your election ballots, struggling to find willing candidates and volunteers to fill open positions, low voter participation as members see the same choices or feel a lack of choices.

Uncontested elections and unfilled committee seats can lead to disengaged boards, inadequate representation, members uninterested in becoming voters and, worst, poor governance.

At SBS, we hear these concerns all the time. So, we figured out a simple way to help.

Where is the best place to find new board candidates and committee volunteers? Look to your organization’s members! But how do you identify interested members and how do you know if you’ve got candidates who have what it takes to lead your organization into the future?

A volunteer survey is an all-in-one tool and your opportunity to turn members into champions for your organization.

We administer a brief survey after members vote in your online election – the ideal time for members to express further interest in your organization. Using a simple online platform, members can learn about available volunteer and leadership positions and can easily take action in expressing their interest.

In other words, we’ll help make it simple to identify members with the skills and background needed to help guide your organization in the future.

If the challenge sounds familiar and the solution sounds promising, we invite you to contact us to learn more.