What is the value of bringing additional services into your election process?

When it comes to ensuring the success of your election, harnessing the potential of additional services can make all the difference. These supplementary tools and strategies can elevate your election process, enabling you to reach specific goals and maximize engagement. Let’s explore some of the valuable additional services we offer, each tailored to enhance your election and boost participation.

Advanced Analytics

Want to identify which voting methods are the most popular and make data-driven decisions about how to promote your election. Are members voting via mobile phones or computers? Is there a specific geographic area that is a hot spot for voting? Advanced analytics can help you to determine the best strategy for reaching specific demographics of voters.

Participation Reminders

Looking for that extra push to elevate your election turnout? The ability to use additional rounds of participation reminders have been shown to raise response rates by roughly 5% each time a reminder is sent. With customized options for how to reach out (email, postcards, letters, etc.) you can reach those who have yet to vote in a way that is meaningful to them and maximize the engagement of your voting project.

Single Sign-On

In search of a way to save your voters as much time as possible? Online voting can be simplified greatly with Single Sign-On, enabling you to transform your website into an online portal for members to vote at the same time as they pay their bills or check on other information. This easy process helps minimize member frustration, maximize voter turnout and limit the help desk calls you receive from voters.

Embedded Login Links

Make your online voting even easier with embedded login links. At SBS, we ensure the accessibility of online voting by sending auto-login links directly to your voters’ email inboxes. The process is straightforward: once your voters click on the link in the email, they’re instantly directed to our online voting platform where they can cast their vote without the need for a separate login.

Incorporating these additional services into your election process not only streamlines the experience but also contribute to the overall success of your election, and satisfaction of your members. For further information or to explore these services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to empower your election process and help you achieve your goals!