Online Voting for Credit Unions

Online voting for credit unions boosts member participation and paves the way for frictionless elections.

Most credit unions now offer convenient and secure mobile online banking for their members, as well as many other time-saving technologies — so it comes as no surprise that members would appreciate the ability to vote in credit union elections as quickly and easily as they manage their finances. With transport layer security (TLS) encryption and state-of-the-art technology, there is no safer, simpler, or more reliable way to enable voting on your members’ smartphones and devices.

Why Should Credit Union Voting Be Online?

Over 93% of adults in the U.S. use the Internet, with over 15% of Americans using their smartphones exclusively to access it. In fact, U.S. mobile penetration continues to rise yearly, with 50% of all website traffic originating from mobile devices. To accommodate user preferences and encourage your credit union members to engage, you should consider innovative and easy-to-use online voting systems.

At Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), we work with various credit unions and member organizations. Each year, we see an increase in credit unions and other member organizations adding online voting as an option. In recent years, we’ve seen a significant uptake of members leveraging their mobile devices while voting. Online and mobile-friendly voting options will only become more popular each year, so it’s essential to ensure each member gets an optimal voting experience tailored to the device they’re using.

When credit unions don’t offer online voting, members are less likely to engage because voting is inconvenient. Without mobile-friendly voting options, members are forced to scroll and zoom, and many website features simply don’t work on mobile devices. You can help eliminate these pain points by reducing the voting limitations and making your voting site responsive to the devices members use.

The Benefits of Leveraging Technology for Credit Union Voting

Credit unions offering online voting options and mobile-friendly elections are reaping the rewards. The benefits of online voting include:

  • Cost-efficiency: Online voting can significantly impact your bottom line. Save money that would normally be used on designing, printing, and mailing paper ballots and associated labor costs.
  • Increased participation: A simple way to vote anywhere increases voter participation and overall member engagement. It’s convenient when members can vote from any place, anytime, and on any device.
  • Improved member experiences: A convenient election with many voting options increases member satisfaction with the election and the credit union.
  • Security features: Using SBS solutions, you can have peace of mind knowing voting is secure. Encrypted and duplicate votes are impossible, so only members can vote — and they can only do so once.
  • Streamlined processes: The SBS platform eliminates manual processes and human calculating errors. The online voting system makes it easy for your team to handle the election process and is frictionless for your credit union members to vote.
  • Tracking capabilities: Our digital voting platform gives you a real-time overview of participation and provides trends and insights you can leverage to enhance future elections and member communication.

Contact Us to Simplify Your Credit Union Voting

Since 1990, SBS has been helping credit unions and member organizations simplify their voting processes. We’ve seen the significant impact online voting has in boosting engagement, improving accuracy, and simplifying elections.

Join the thousands of credit unions already safely and successfully implementing online and mobile voting technologies. Go digital and allow your members to log on securely anywhere, anytime, making your voting process more engaging and effective.

Contact us today to learn how we can streamline your voting process and increase your member engagement with online elections and mobile voting technologies. Our team will provide tangible examples of how we support credit unions with our platform and services.