Does Your Organization Have a Pre- and Post-Election Plan?

Your member organization holds its annual election like clockwork, but do you have a pre- and post-election plan? If you’re planning only for the election itself, your organization is missing out on countless opportunities to better know your members, increase future election participation, improve future election cycles and more.

Pre-election plan
Your organization’s pre-election plan is vital to the success of your election and it should go well beyond simply stating the dates and places members can vote.

  • Promotion
    From direct mail, email and phone reminders to social media and in-person marketing, your organization should plan to consistently promote your election just as you would any other special event.
  • Technology
    Diversifying the election technology your organization utilizes can greatly increase election participation. Email participation reminders, single sign-on and embedded login links are efficient ways to promote the election and make it easy for members to vote.
  • Know the candidates
    Do your members truly know the candidates they’re choosing between in the election? Include in your pre-election plan some strategies for voters to meet the candidates using in-person events, newsletter profiles, video and more. The more knowledgeable members are about their choices, the more invested they tend to be in voting.

Post-election assessment
Immediately following the election, your organization should spring into action gathering data. What are the demographics of members who voted and those who did not? Did you see an increase or decrease in participation levels? What worked during the most recent election process and what challenges did the organization face?

The more information you can gather, the better you’ll be able to…

Plan for future elections
Analyze your voting trends to capitalize on what’s working and improve what was less successful. A simple extra step like a post-election membership survey can provide a treasure trove of insights. Determine if your voting options are meeting the needs of your members or if you can further expand the technologies you’re using for even greater election success. Lastly, establish goals for your next election and beyond for continued advancement.

For more information on the how and why of pre- and post-election plans (and some great success stories), contact us. We’re here to help!