Single Sign-On for Farm Credit Associations

A key consideration for Farm Credit Associations within the election process is convenience of voting. With guidelines and oversight coming from the Farm Credit Administration, it’s important to do everything you can to ensure all stockholders’ voices are heard. While there are a variety of options to promote increased response rates, one feature that can really make a difference for voters is Single Sign-On (SSO).

What is Single Sign-On? If stockholders are asked to memorize various passwords or login procedures, chances are they’ll turn you when they forget or become confused. Single Sign-On transforms your existing website into an online voting portal that stockholders can easily access with their already-established login procedures. This means they won’t need to learn a new username and password and won’t have to search for an unfamiliar voting site to cast a ballot.

SSO is ideal for voters who are in a hurry or who have trouble remembering their login credentials. By incorporating this tool, organizations can head off voter frustration, promote participation and cut down on help desks costs, all while enjoying the benefits of a third-party expert managing the election.

This streamlined technology brings convenience and satisfaction to voting stockholders while also pushing your organization into the modern era of elections. Want to learn more about how SSO can work for your Farm Credit? Contact us today for more details or a demonstration of the technology!