4 Reasons Your Club Should Make the Switch to Online Voting

When you’re running a country club or a sports organization, you need a high degree of membership engagement — or your club won’t be the same. Whether you’re electing leaders or voting on internal matters, you want each member’s voice to be heard.

Country club, golf club and sports club elections are vital. They’re also traditionally tricky to manage, especially considering members’ busy schedules. Online voting enables you to overcome conventional election barriers. Here are four reasons why your club should make the switch to online voting.

1. Enables Members to Vote Anywhere and Any Time

Online voting allows all your members to vote, whether they’re at the club, at home or halfway across the globe on a business trip. Your top supporters can log on from any computer or mobile device with internet access and vote any place, at any time.

Members will appreciate you valuing their time. And with frictionless online voting, more members are likely to participate and give their input. You also won’t have to try to align diaries and dates to increase engagement.

2. Streamlines the Voting Process

How much money and time does your club dedicate to designing, printing and mailing paper ballots? Online voting streamlines the process.

You save postage, printing, mailing and labor costs associated with manual elections, and you save a great deal of time. Online voting also eliminates the need for manual hand counts, tallying and worrying about duplicate ballots. Instead, you get fast, precise results thanks to technology and automation.

3. Provides Valuable Insights Automatically

When your members cast their votes online, the election software automatically captures voter data.

Leverage analytics and data to gain insight into what methods your club members use most, enabling you to tailor your approach for future elections. Catering to your members’ preferences is vital in fostering engagement and paving the way for greater voter participation. You can also use the insights to enhance member communications and endeavors.

4. Delivers a Secure and Accurate Solution

Online voting is secure, safe and highly accurate when partnering with a trusted supplier and using a reliable solution. Innovative online voting software leverages secure server environments and websites only accessible to authorized members. These encrypted online websites require unique voter logins and passwords and have high-tech, tamper-proof, fraud-prevention protocols.

Ballots are also transmitted via transport layer security (TLS) encryptions. You no longer have to worry about manning box paper ballots or finding creative ways to ensure ballot safety.

You can assure your members that voting is transparent and that mismanagement and election fraud are impossible.

Why Partner With a Trusted Provider?

When you partner with a trusted provider like Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), you can rest assured that your sports club elections are accurate, convenient and easy for you and your members.

We provide a simple way for your members to cast their ballot at any time or place that suits their needs. Members can have peace of mind that your online voting system is safe and secure.

With SBS online election software, you can also leverage your golf or country club elections to understand your membership better and deliver enhanced member experiences.

Contact SBS to Simplify Your Club Elections

SBS has over three decades of experience delivering turnkey voting solutions to member-based organizations nationwide and beyond. We will help you conduct legally valid online elections to streamline the voting process and give your members the assurance they need to trust the results.

Our DIY Election Software is ideal if your club has 5,000 or fewer voting members. The extremely cost-effective solution is easy for your club to self-administer and allows voters to cast their ballots in just a few clicks. SBS can build personalized environments to match your precise requirements if your club is larger than 5,000 or you want a customized online voting solution that aligns with your constitution.

Ready to learn more about how adding an online voting option can benefit your club? Contact us — we’re here to help.