4 Reasons Your Club Should Make the Switch to Online Voting

From country clubs to sports and political organizations, without a high degree of member engagement your club wouldn’t be the same – this includes electing leaders and voting on internal matters.

Your members are busier and more difficult to reach than ever before, making online voting is the perfect, convenient solution. Why?

Voting anywhere, any time

By adding an online voting option to your member elections, your club’s biggest fans can log on from any computer or mobile device and vote anywhere, at any time. Members will appreciate and utilize this convenient option as it makes your voting process more efficient and effective.

Online voting is also completely transparent. Members see the process up front and can ensure that there is no election fraud or mismanagement.

Saving time, money and sanity

How much money does your club spend designing, printing and mailing paper ballots? Online voting saves on postage, printing and other mailing costs while saving your club time as well. Online voting also eliminates the need for manual hand counts, tallying and worrying about duplicate ballots due to its precision and automation.

Important insights

You’ll get the benefit of valuable voter data when your club members vote online. Not only can your segmented reports to help improve future election efforts, but the voter data you receive will also help improve other member communications and endeavors as well.

Safety and security

With the correct technology, online voting is secure, safe and has a high degree of accuracy. Secure server environments, voting websites accessible only to authorized members using unique voter logins and passwords, online ballots transmitted using TLS encryption and high-tech fraud prevention are just some of the protections your club’s online election will benefit from when you partner with Survey & Ballot Systems. Just imagine – no more worrying about that box of paper ballots left in the trunk of someone’s car.

If your club has 5,000 or fewer voting members, now is the time to explore the myDirectVote platform. It is extremely cost-effective for your club to self-administer an online election that allows voters to cast their ballots in just a few clicks. Or you can work with SBS to build an election customized to the needs of your club and its members.

Ready to check out how adding an online voting option can benefit your club? Contact Us we’re here to help.