Online Voting for Your Club Election [Video]

Members are everything to your club – you represent them and need them to show up for you as well.

When your election rolls around, you need a voting process that is easy, convenient and reliable for staff, volunteers and members. And, since your members expect always-on access for everything from reservations to bill payments, it’s time to move your club’s election online.

Adding an online voting option gives your members the flexibility to vote anywhere, anytime, including on computers and mobile devices.

In addition to increasing voter participation and member engagement, online elections also can save your club money by reducing or eliminating design, printing and postage costs. Allowing members to vote online also removes the need for manual hand counts, tallying and the potential for duplicate ballots. Your staff and volunteers will thank you.

When club members vote online, you can also take advantage of valuable voter data that helps improve member communications and future elections.

With the right election partner, online voting technology is safe, secure, reliable and accurate. No more worrying about boxes of paper ballots left in someone’s unlocked office.

Does your club have 5,000 or fewer members? If so, the myDirectVote platform is perfect for you. Easily self-administer your online election or work with SBS for a full-service election customized to fit the needs of your club and members.

Are you ready to learn more about adding online voting to your club’s election? Contact us today at or call our toll-free number at 1-800-974-8099.