Make Election Magic, Find Candidates You Love

We’ve all seen it happen – relationships get stale, they end, people move on and the empty space they leave behind is a vacancy you long to fill with someone new.

We’re talking, of course, about your organization’s board members and the candidates needed for your election ballots!

Board members retire, they leave for various reasons and even if you have a full boardroom, contested elections garner more voter engagement than elections with only incumbents on the ballot.

Every board needs smart, focused turnover to invite new, innovative ideas and energy into the organization. But how do you find the ideal candidates to run in your elections?

Identify your optimal board candidates

Is there a skills gap in your board you need filled? If you’re looking for candidates with a business, legal or human resources background, for example, be specific when doing outreach.

Is your board currently filled with experienced members and you’d like to offer opportunities to newer members with a lot of enthusiasm? Know your board and member demographics and focus your outreach appropriately.

Recruit active and well-connected members

When a member is active in your organization before they join the board, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated to participate in meetings and events. Members who are connected to other members and the general public can not only help get out the vote, but they may even be able to recruit new members into the organization and potentially new board opportunities in the future.

Streamline your nomination process

When it comes to accepting nominations, it would be great if interested members could just swipe right. While the technology isn’t quite there yet, you can make it quick, easy and convenient for interested members to become candidates.

If your nominations process currently consists of a lot of paperwork, it’s time to modernize and offer an online nominations process. This allows candidates to fill out and submit their information anywhere, any time – simply and securely.

The DirectNominations® platform makes submitting nominations more user-friendly and less intimidating. The technology makes candidate recruitment much more manageable for your organization as well.

Love is in the air, so let yourself fall for the idea of more member engagement through more accessible board opportunities and contested elections. And let us show you how DirectNominations can work for you! We think it will be love at first sight.