What to Include in Your Nomination Packet for Members

The people in charge of running your organization’s election want to ensure potential candidates are qualified. Having a complete nomination packet is one tool you can use to collect candidate information; however it can be hard to know what to include in your organization’s nomination packet. Which is why we recommend including the below items. Remember to also review your bylaws to learn what nominee information is required versus nice to have.

Biography or profile

Typically written in the third person, this two to three paragraph introduction covers the relevant achievements and accomplishments of each candidate.

Resume or curriculum vitae (CV)

Candidates up for election are essentially applying for a job, they should include a resume or CV that covers education, faculty or academic appointments, certifications, work experience, publications and/or presentations, awards and special skills. A professional head shot also helps potential voters connect a face with all the valuable information.

Candidate statement

Each candidate should discuss their involvement with the organization, how their leadership would enhance the organization and help fulfill its vision and mission. Candidates should be as specific as possible while outlining their goals and strategies.

Leadership statement

Regardless of the position they’re vying, candidates are being elected to lead. When a candidate explains their leadership style and how their experiences have shaped their leadership philosophy, voters can make a much more informed choice about who will guide the organization.

Leadership statements include information about self-development and developing the skills of others (i.e. through mentoring), concrete examples of teamwork, collaboration and working toward innovation and an overview of communications and decision-making skills.


Like any good job interview, your organization isn’t going to solely rely on a candidate’s word they have the skills and experience to be successful in the position. Candidates should present several professional and personal references that reflect their experience and qualifications.

Requesting, collecting and coordinating this information can be challenging. The online nomination application from Survey and Ballot System moves your nominations process online for easy nominee self-registration and consolidated, customizable candidate biographical information in one accessible place, with minimal administrative effort.

For more information on compiling candidate nomination information, contact us any time, we’re here to help.