How to Increase Voter Attendance In Your Member Organization’s Virtual Meetings

Over the past several years, the key word for most member organizations has been pivot. Now, however, and likely well into the future, the focus is on flexibility. After years of reactionary change, most organizations are now well positioned to offer options that are convenient and that their staff and members are requesting. More options for voting means a bigger opportunity for a higher voter attendance.

Using this flexibility as a positive marketing point can help increase voter attendance in elections. Why is this important?


For many organizations, elections are required, in the bylaws, to be conducted on a regular basis. Additionally, in order to make organizational changes that may require updates to the bylaws, those need to be put to a vote.

Perception and image

Following best practices and conducting fair and transparent elections are positive for your organization’s image for both members and non-members. Few will trust an organization if their election process falls apart into squabbles and public disputes.


Elections give your members the opportunity to connect and engage with an organization’s leadership. A well-run election puts an organization’s best foot forward, properly introduces candidates and current leaders to members, and invites future conversations.


Contested elections with ample voter participation are necessary for finding the best, most stable, and innovative leadership for an organization. Elections with high voter turnout not only provide proof of member engagement, they also prevent endless years of status quo leadership and a monopoly of authority. Elections are vital for holding leadership accountable to members.

Increasing member participation in elections

Since 1990, SBS has been setting the standard in election management. We have administered thousands of elections for member organizations. One of the top questions we hear from leadership is, “How can we increase member participation in our elections?” One of the top pieces of feedback the same organizations hear from their members is, “Please make it easier and more convenient to participate in elections, meetings and other voting events.”

We’ve put those two requests together and are pleased to offer our Real-Time Voting Software – the solution that enables voting groups to securely conduct business anywhere and from any device, or even in person.

Real-Time Voting Software is a valuable tool for any company or organization with an annual meeting, a board of directors, a standing committee or any meeting where one or more votes may be taken and/or feedback is gathered.

No other voting software platform is as comprehensive, professional, and efficient as real-time voting. Why?

* Flexibility to set up meetings and motions and adjust as needed, even live during meetings

* Convenience for participants to utilize the device of their choice to attend meetings and vote

* Simple to set up for administrators, easy to participate for authorized members

* Industry-leading, cutting-edge security to ensure the integrity of each meeting and vote

* Efficiency, savings and inclusion – meetings no longer need to occupy a huge portion of your budget. If you do choose in-person meetings, they can be inclusive of anyone who is unable to attend in person

* Complete records of all votes, actions, and voter attendance available on-demand

* Scale up or down to accommodate all groups, committees, staff and other users

Whether your organization has gone fully virtual or is focusing on hybrid models, there’s no question the way we work will continue to evolve. Member participation in voting and elections is vital to shaping the future of your organization.

If you’d like more information or have questions about how your organization can utilize our real-time voting software, contact us any time, we’re here to help.

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