Communication is the key to election project success [Video]

Project timelines with defined deliverables and proactive communication are essential to a smooth election.

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How do you ensure an efficiently run election with timely deliverables?

First, use your vendor’s own knowledge and resources. After all, your vendor has valuable suggestions they can offer for successfully delivering on timelines. Once key deliverables are determined, it’s important both sides are proactive in meeting timeline deliverables.

Similarly, a key to a successful election is constant communication from each organization. Your election vendor should provide regular status updates, and you should reach out with changes or additions to prevent misunderstandings. Being proactive eases stress, and makes course correction quick and easy when necessary.

Consider carrying the good communication on, even after the election ends. Your vendor should seek your feedback to find out what worked well or where there was room for improvement. This collaboration will set the course for your next successful election project.

Tune in next time for additional election tips!