CUBroadcast Interview with Steven Asplund (Geovista)

From CUBroadcast

“Running a credit union is hard enough day to day, but throwing in a pandemic, as we all know, took this challenge to an entirely new level. Whether it’s lending, operations, hiring, tech implementation, compliance, staff moral (remote and onsite), etc., nearly everything experienced new hurdles to overcome. For this episode, let’s talk voting.

Credit unions have many voting opportunities: Board of Director and Supervisory Committee elections, merger votes, charter conversion votes, voter participation efforts, virtual board meeting votes, communications, and much more. So how does a credit union conduct these voting events during a pandemic?

To get the inside scoop on how to successfully host a vote — virtually, in this case, we invited Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) Account Manager John Westerhaus and GeoVista Federal Credit Union Vice President of Sales and Business Development Steven Asplund on the show. Both John and Steven shared the challenges, solutions, and results of working together to pull off a successful annual meeting vote — online.

Using SBS’s DirectVoteLive, Steven detailed how the online solution worked and how it performed during a vitally important event for the credit union. He and John also discussed how GeoVista will continue using DirectVoteLive in future hybrid votes.”

See SBS’ full interview with CUBroadcast on their website.

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