Customize your credit union elections for voting security, simplicity [Video]

Credit unions are more than just member-driven organizations, they’re a symbol of community trust. That’s why it’s vital for credit unions to invest in secure, flexible voting methods for all elections.

Hello, and welcome to the Survey & Ballot Systems video blog about credit union elections.

Credit unions offer community members an alternative to big banks, but that doesn’t mean bank-level security isn’t expected. Keep member information safe during elections with TLS-encrypted web voting, 24/7 monitoring and ongoing vulnerability assessments.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to appeal to younger credit union members who grew up using digital technology. Hybrid election techniques allow tech-savvy members to vote online while offering others the chance to vote using paper ballots or other methods.

Technology has transformed the banking landscape. Make sure your credit union is keeping up with safe, simple voting solutions designed to make elections as efficient and effective as possible.

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