Digital vs. traditional ways of promoting your election [Video]

How do you advertise your elections? Are you making the most of both traditional and digital promotion channels?

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Running successful elections with high response rates requires a go-to promotion plan containing key dates and action items. With a detailed strategy outlined, you can also develop promotional collateral that maps out the full election cycle and explains who can run and how the actual voting works.

From social media to direct mailers, there’s no shortage of options for promoting your voting event.

On the traditional side, you can:

  • Remind members during office visits or open houses, where they can also meet candidates and learn about why participation matters.
  • Include education messaging, candidate biographies, and reminders in “save the date” postcards, company newsletters, and office signage.

Digitally you can:

  • Gather feedback and get the word out on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Set up email and SMS alerts reminding members to vote when the polls open.
  • Advertise the election on your website with an election-specific landing page.

Looking for a place to start? SBS can help you set up the promotion channels that benefit your organization, from custom marketing campaigns to secure online voting systems.

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