Election Tools to Reach Quorum [Video]


Looking for ways to reach quorum on a vote? Don’t leave things to chance, make sure you’re getting to where you need by adding some more advanced strategies to your election. Hi, and welcome to the Survey & Ballot Systems video blog.

Adding voting methods is the most effective way to get more members to vote, but this strategy is something you’ll need to put in place well before the election begins. This way, you can communicate the changes to your members and promote the new voting methods.

SSO, or Single Sign-On, can simplify the process of voting for your members. With this tool, their ballot will be accessible as soon as they sign into your members-only portal to pay their bills or check their usage. Meeting members where they already are is a great way to increase voter participation.

Reminder emails are a great tactic if you notice during the election that response rates aren’t where you hoped they’d be. Each reminder email can increase turnout by a noticeable amount – in fact, we’ve seen that elections with 4 or more reminders see on average twice the response rate of elections with only one.

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