Here’s How Volunteers Benefit Your Association [Video]

Your association is built on the engagement of its members. And one of the best ways to engage members is to enlist them as volunteers. Why?Your members are already invested in the association, those accepting a volunteer role are truly going above and beyond in their service. That makes them a remarkable asset.

Member volunteers represent a wide skill set that can benefit the organization, but volunteer positions can also offer the opportunity to learn or expand a skill and network within the industry – it’s a win-win.

Volunteers can save the association money by helping complete crucial tasks, particularly those that require special skills that are not represented by staff and would need to be augmented. Volunteers can build on staff talents and can even help expand your organization’s capabilities.

About 80 percent of members renew their association memberships annually, according to Associations Now. However, by offering members more volunteer opportunities you can increase that number of membership renewals and get more deeply involved with your association.

When a member volunteers for something, they show they’re willing to give more of themselves for your association. That means you have a pool of potential candidates to tap into for board and committee positions when the time comes!

If you’re thinking only your older or retired members will have the time or desire to volunteer, think again! Members early in their careers are just as likely to lend a helping hand as older members, so be sure to offer a range of volunteer opportunities that appeal to all.

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