How to prevent double voting at your election [Video]

One member, one vote. That’s the rule. But how do you keep it from being broken?

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A vote is empowering specifically because it can only be cast once. But if someone attempts to vote again after an initial submission, how do you stop them? Survey & Ballot Systems has technological controls in place to protect the integrity of your election.

Paper ballots have an ID or control number assigned to each memberĀ  that are printed with the election package. When votes are reviewed and processed, we register this number and log a single vote for that member.

With electronic ballots, that same ID is tied to online voting credentials. Once a ballot is cast online, the election website won’t allow a member to login again.

What if someone mails their paper ballot and votes online? We catch it while processing paper ballots. We remove the appropriate vote or can invalidate both per your organization’s direction. We also run a mock election prior — just to ensure we’ll catch any duplicates.

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