Simplify your elections with single sign-on [Video]

Modern life means keeping track of many different passwords, from email login phrases to debit card codes. Remembering them all can be difficult, and may even discourage participation in your member organization elections.

Hello, and welcome to the Survey & Ballot Systems blog about single sign-on.

Single sign-on, or SSO, allows your members to access their secure online ballots directly from your organization’s website.

Using login credentials created and tested by IT personnel, your members can quickly and easily participate in the voting process without being forced to create an additional password.

SSO is a simple way to enhance member election engagement while eliminating member sign-in frustrations and help-desk requests. This feature can be added to our DirectVote®, DirectVotePlus® and DirectVoteCentral ® voting applications.

Improve your elections and make voting easier with SSO.

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