SSO for Credit Unions: A New Level of Convenience [Video]


Single Sign-On (or SSO for short) can be an invaluable tool for credit unions. It is a great way to increase convenience in the voting process and encourage members to vote in a location with which they already feel familiar. But what is Single Sign-On and what does it bring to your credit union election?

Single Sign-On is a way to simplify voting for your members, putting the ballot in a place that is the most familiar to them: your website. If you are looking for a way to increase response rates, having your election in a convenient location can pay great dividends. Members already know how to log into your website and won’t have to create a new username and password, which can save time and frustration.

Credit unions in particular have a lot to gain from this voting tool, because members are already constantly using your website for online banking and paying bills. In addition to the obvious time saving, you gain instant trust from your members.

If they already trust your website and security, then keeping things in one place will bring even more peace of mind. Are you ready to learn how an election partner like Survey & Ballot Systems can bring Single Sign-On to your election?

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