Survey & Ballot Systems – voting for quality and results [Video]

Nearly three decades of industry service, top-of-class expertise and knowledge, integrity and reliability for elections are all elements of Survey & Ballot Systems success. As you probably guessed, today we’re going to let you know a little bit more about us.

Welcome to the Survey & Ballot Systems video blog! Survey & Ballot Systems was founded in 1990, and we’ve made it our goal to be the premier third-party elections and survey vendor. Since the start, we’ve conducted business and managed elections with not only integrity, but innovation. Our expertise goes beyond paper ballots, online voting, onsite, telephone or even hybrid voting options as we constantly strive to move  election technology forward. One way we do this is through updates to our online applications such as our nominations application.

Survey & Ballot Systems serves 10 markets, including associations, cooperatives, financial groups and clubs. No matter who we’re working with, security is always a top priority. We’ve also enhanced our security by being SOC II compliant, so you can rest easy knowing your election is in secure and capable hands.

Ready for an election partner that delivers? Contact us for more information – and thanks for watching!