10 Expert Tactics to Increase Election Participation

Does Your Participation Measure Up?

Member participation is the number one challenge facing member organizations when executing their elections. Why? Election participation is the “measuring stick” with which to judge how connected members are to the organization. When election participation increases, it proves the validity of the election, shows improvements are being made and can be used to calculate return on investment.

A Best Practice Guide to Increasing Participation

Participation will continue to be an important way organizations and their leaders evaluate elections. So, to help you engage as many members as possible in your voting process, Survey & Ballot Systems created an eBook which shares 10 expert methods to increase election response rates, including exciting new technology and low-cost tactics that can help boost participation.

Download your copy to learn:

  • Creative ways to incentivize members into participating
  • Promotion tactics to increase candidate recognition
  • Cutting edge technology that gets voters to take action
  • Social sharing methods to get your members talking
  • Quick and easy voting options