Election Marketing 101

Turning Your Members Into Voters

Election marketing is vital to engaging with your members and showcasing your organization in the best light. Turn to Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) to leverage decades of experience in developing and implementing winning campaign strategies. We’ll help you discover powerful insights, proven tactics, and techniques that will amplify member engagement, participation, and communication. Pave your way to election success with our free resource.

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Boost Your Campaign Strategies and Election Marketing to Increase Participation

Successful elections don’t happen by accident. You need to strategize and develop marketing messaging that resonates with your members, engaging them in a way that delivers outstanding results. Our comprehensive guide gives you the tools and techniques to bolster your campaign efforts and motivate your members to participate.

A marketing plan is vital to the success of a business, product or service. But a marketing plan for your member organization’s election? Absolutely. We have managed thousands of elections and one of the top concerns of member organizations is low voter turnout. The solution to this is a well-thought-out and detailed marketing strategy.

SBS has assisted the world’s top associations, unions, cooperatives, and member-based organizations in increasing voter participation through creative and innovative strategies.

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Download Your Guide to Bolster Your Election Campaign Ideas

Download Election Marketing 101 to optimize your election marketing campaigns. Discover:

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How to create an election marketing plan from scratch, leveraging proven tactics.
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What social media platforms you should be targeting to reach your members.
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Database management tips to streamline your operations and processes.
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The ultimate communication tactics based on member demographics and preferences.
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Meet the Author

Hannah Seeley

Hannah assumed the role of Marketing Specialist at SBS in June of 2022. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Minnesota Duluth, with coursework in English literature complementing her skill set. Creating content for SBS, her contributions span from graphic design to crafting informative election resources, like blogs and eBooks. Hannah also manages email communications and is responsible for producing the SBS Newsletter, “The Ballot Box”.

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eBook - Election Marketing 101: Turning Your Members Into Voters

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