The Gold Standard of Good Governance

“Good governance” may not be the most exciting term for most people, but it’s actually much more important than some give it credit to be. Good governance in elections can lead to increased member engagement, and greater overall trust in your organization. From a lack of awareness of rules, regulations, and laws to embracing the status quo- there are plenty of ways to get governance wrong.”

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The Importance of Elections in Good Governance

Survey & Ballot Systems has been an industry leader in member organization governance and elections for over three decades. We’ve partnered with thousands of member organizations including credit unions, government, coops, healthcare organizations, and many more. With our plethora of knowledge regarding best governance practices, we want to share with you the things you should avoid when it comes to your organizations governance. That way you can work to achieve optimal results and improve your organization’s culture.

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What governance means, particularly in the context of elections.
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What good governance should look like.
The role turnover can play in governing an organization.
The process of updating bylaws and election policies.
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