Why Your Members Aren’t Voting eBook

The Problem

Elections are essential to the structure and smooth operations of your member organization. You rely on your members to govern by giving them a voice and a vote. So why are so many members still not voting in your elections? This problem isn’t as uncommon as you might think.

Why Members Aren’t Voting

To help member organizations everywhere increase the involvement in their elections, we created Why Your Members Aren’t Voting: A Guide to Increasing Voter Turnout and Participation. In this eBook, we reveal the reasons that many members choose not to vote and highlight tactics to address these challenges. These solutions will not only raise response rates in your elections, but ultimately will help your organization become even more engaged with its members.

Download the guide and learn how to answer these questions for your organization:

  • Why does your election matter?
  • Are you promoting your election?
  • Are you making voting easy?
  • Where’s the competition?
  • Who are your candidates?