Article: Survey & Ballot Systems Introduces DirectNominations®

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Member organizations welcome DirectNominations® to quickly and efficiently manage election nominations

MINNEAPOLIS – 3/8/16 – Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), a leading provider of election services to member organizations, is proud to introduce DirectNominations® — an online platform for organizing candidate registration, consolidating biography collection and simplifying nominations.

DirectNominations is a convenient, self-registration option for candidates, offers full administrative control, supports third-party nominations and uses the same advanced online security SBS utilizes for online elections. Best of all, DirectNominations is backed by the premium support SBS has been praised for.

“The purpose of DirectNominations® is to improve the speed and efficiency of your nominating process by moving it online,” said Peter Westerhaus, SBS Vice President. “Members like using a professional and easy system for getting involved. Staff appreciate having the process be consistent and automated. And the board likes reducing or even eliminating mailing costs. DirectNominations® is a winner all the way around.”

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