Online voting should be easy. From clubs and cooperatives to educational institutions and credit unions, the best way to ensure full participation and avoid time-consuming member inquiries is using a system that prioritizes usability.

This is why Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) utilizes embedded login links, offering one-click access for easy online voting. Comprehensive customer service is a cornerstone of SBS, and even something as small as an embedded link streamlines processes and saves time for all involved. Organizations can include embedded login links in email invitations and reminders, making the voting process that much easier.


Simpler login process Organization members should be able to cast their votes quickly. The more hoops there are to jump through, the greater the chance for error. Even worse, extra steps to vote increase the chance of individuals becoming frustrated enough to opt out entirely. For organizations hoping to demonstrate transparency and member service, that outcome is unacceptable.

Luckily, through the use of embedded login links, members are able to bypass a complicated login process and take advantage of automatic authentication. This makes it possible for people to cast their votes with online voting one-click access.

Reduces member inquiries Complex login procedures may lead to forgotten usernames and passwords, trouble understanding next steps and, ultimately, a barrage of help desk requests. These time-consuming tasks take organizational service members away from other important duties and increase frustration on all sides. With online voting embedded login links, organizations can rest easy knowing members will be able to vote without difficulty.

Increases voter participation Every organization holding an election should be able to point to high voter turnout in support of ballot measures, whether it’s electing a new association president or changing strategies for a financial plan. By making voting more accessible with embedded login links, you can encourage higher voter participation. Members who know they all received an equal chance to make their voices heard will be more satisfied with election results.

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