Success Story: OPEIU Local 107

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OPEIU local 107 logo online voting system

“We were completely satisfied with the online voting process and the professional service provided by SBS.” ~ Pete Catalano, President, OPEIU Local 107

Client Profile:
Established in 1996, the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 107 (OPEIU Local 107) is the helicopter pilot union of Bristow Helicopters, LLC. OPEIU Local 107 is dedicated to negotiating, enforcing, and settling disputes regarding the collective bargaining agreement reached with Bristow Helicopters. Members of OPEIU Local 107 fly in support of the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. OPEIU Local 107 is located in Lafayette, LA.

Once every three years, OPEIU Local 107 members vote on the contract agreement between their union and Bristow Helicopters. This vote ratifies or rejects changes to the collective bargaining agreement used to regulate their hours of work, wages, and other conditions of employment.

Client Challenge:
We had three challenges with the tri-annual contract of agreement vote:

  1. The United States Department of Labor outlined a specific legal requirement for our union to hold a secret ballot vote.
  2. Members needed to know that the outcome of the vote was not influenced by OPEIU Local 107’s executive leadership – we required a third-party to administer voting.
  3. Our 235 members work at any of five different operating bases across the Gulf Coast and, when off work, live throughout the United States. Voting needed to be convenient for our members.

Participation rate is the real gauge that determines voting success. A higher response means a greater number of members affirmed the decision made through the vote.

Client Solution:
When planning for the contract renewal vote we discovered that our previous election vendor was no longer in business. We began an Internet search for a new election company and came across Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS). We were immediately impressed with their responsiveness and general attitude in wanting to help us with our voting project.

SBS consulted with us and developed an online voting system that encouraged member response. It worked really well – we received a 84.3% participation rate for the contract vote. This was great turnout for our organization.

Throughout the process, SBS responded quickly to members that needed assistance and made sure they received the information and instruction they needed to vote.

We were completely satisfied with the online voting process and the professional service provided by SBS.