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About Us

Since 1990, Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) has worked with the world’s top associations, cooperatives and member-based organizations to plan and manage elections. We understand how important an online ballot service is to an organization. A main objective of SBS’s employees is to help customers enhance their elections through innovative solutions and exceptional customer service. Throughout our tenure we’ve continued to integrate integrity, while expanding our expertise and knowledge to successfully support the continuously evolving election landscape.

Election Solutions

SBS works with the world’s top associations, cooperatives, credit unions and member-based organizations to plan and manage their voting processes. We specialize in the following types of voting services:


Get more out of your online election service with such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Embedded Login Links, Geo-Spatial Mapping, and more. Custom surveys and course evaluations also provide valuable member feedback. These additional services help to strengthen our online voting systems and give you plenty of options.


Voting Services

Additional Services

Course Evaluations


Voting Methods

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Who We Serve

Our online, hybrid and in-person election services have produced proven results in the following fields:

Success Stories

For 28 years SBS has been customizing thousands of election and survey projects for member organizations. Here are just a few of the success stories from across the industries we serve.


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