Success Story: American Society of Civil Engineers

Our overall challenges were to increase the election response rates among our 92,000 eligible voters and lower our costs. An additional challenge in our most recent election was to add an affiliate organization election (EWRI – Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE) to the national election ballot.

SBS Solution:
In previous elections, we inserted the ballots into our organization’s newspaper. This was a problem for a couple of reasons. First, we were finding that the ballots were often “lost” in the content of the newspaper and overlooked. In addition, many of our international members do not receive the newspaper in a timely manner, so by the time they received their ballots, it would be too late to vote. Upon SBS’ recommendation, we sent out the ballot as a separate mailer to our members. In addition, SBS seamlessly incorporated the EWRI election into the national election.

By following SBS’ recommendations and guidance through the election process, ASCE’s election was highly successful. I cannot say enough about the service we receive from the SBS team – they continue to exceed expectations. They know our organization so well that they can identify potential problems and work to remedy the situation proactively and efficiently. With SBS’ help and recommendations, our election goals of raising response rates (jumped 10% compared to the previous election), lowering costs, and adding an affiliate organization to the national election were successfully met!