Webinar: 10 Ways to Promote Your Credit Union Election

As credit union leaders, you understand how important elections are. The more effectively you promote your election, the more engaged your members will be in the voting process.

Join Tim Madsen, Senior Marketing Manager, Paul Bordson-Nolle, Credit Union Accounts Manager and Tony Hoff, Cooperative Accounts Manager, as they share how to increase the visibility of your credit union elections and voting events.

10 Ways to Promote Your Credit Union Election will cover:

  • Credit union election marketing strategies
  • How to identify new candidates for leadership positions
  • How board turnover influences election viability
  • The importance of web technology in election promotion

“Well-run elections and voting are the hallmark of successful credit union organizations,” says Peter Westerhaus, SBS vice president. “In order for these elections to be relevant, members must be aware of and anticipate these important events. This is where effective promotion planning comes into play.”

Join us Thursday, May 21 at 10:00 am CDT for this free webinar packed with valuable information for your credit union.

Registration for this webinar has ended. Learn more about credit union elections under the Who We Serve page of our website.