Credit Union Election Marketing: How to Get It Right

When people join your credit union, they become members with a say in how you run your organization. One of the most important ways your members can use their voices is by voting in the credit union election. But they can only vote in elections that they’re aware of.

For over three decades, Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) has assisted thousands of credit unions and other member organizations in simplifying their elections and marketing nationwide. In our extensive experience, we’ve found three proven marketing tactics to boost member participation, awareness, and engagement during elections.

1. Onsite Marketing Tactics

When members stop into any branch of your credit union, be sure to have employees inform and remind them about the election.

Hold an in-person meeting or an election open house where members can learn about the election, the candidates, and the importance of their participation.

Add incentives. During in-person events, like annual meetings and promotional occasions, add prize drawings and giveaways in exchange for members’ attendance and participation.

2. Written Marketing Tactics

Release nominee bios in your newsletter to help members get to know the candidates before the credit union election begins. Make written, print, and online communication part of an overall education campaign.

Send a save-the-date postcard for awareness leading up to the election. It may be confusing if members receive ballots out of the blue, so avoid mailing them without prior warning or marketing initiatives. Give members the heads-up that it’s that time to cast their ballots and be heard. If members are unsure what to do with the ballot or why their vote is important, they’re more likely to discard the materials or think they’ll handle it later and forget.

A save-the-date postcard and written marketing communications with simple educational messaging help prepare members to vote.

3. Digital Marketing Tactics

Use your social media channels to inform members, ask for feedback, promote the election, and get the word out that it’s time to vote.

Email your credit union members about candidates, when polls open, and how they can vote. You can expect an increase in participation when you educate your members about the ease of voting beforehand, especially if you leverage online voting systems. Send reminder emails leading up to the elections and on the day.

You can also advertise the upcoming election on your credit union’s website. Better yet, create an encrypted election-specific landing page so members visiting your website are sure to see the information.

Find Solutions to Boost Election Awareness and Engagement

Marketing your credit union election and nomination process is the most effective way to increase participation and awareness.

Uncontested elections rarely draw interest or increase participation, so make it a goal to have multiple candidates, and your members will take notice. By getting the word out about nominations, you can attract a dynamic group of qualified candidates. A diverse candidate pool will inspire greater engagement leading up to the election, with more members feeling they’re represented. A represented audience will encourage greater turnout on election day, resulting in satisfied members.

You don’t have to boost engagement alone — our team has vast experience in election marketing for credit unions. We’ve helped thousands of member organizations streamline their voting processes with online and custom hybrid solutions.

Contact SBS online for more information and support on simplifying your election marketing and voting processes. We’re here to help.

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