4 Steps to Building an Online Election


4 Steps to Building an Online Election for your own personal step-by-step guide to election information.


Step 1: Check Your Bylaws

Before utilizing one of Survey & Ballot Systems’ online election platforms, ensure that your bylaws AND state laws allow for the use of online voting for your organization.


Step 2: Check Member Data

What’s the point in holding an election if your member data is incorrect? Ensuring that member data is up-to-date is vital for an election. Your members can’t vote if they aren’t receiving the election information. Check emails, phone numbers, and other important information. Online election platforms are an easy way to collect missing member data.


Step 3: Build your election

Use DirectVoteLive for live meeting voting, or myDirectVote for a DIY open election to build out your ballot. Whether it’s voting on meeting minutes with your board, electing a new president, or anything in between, SBS can help every step of the way.


Step 4: Get Out the Vote!

Market your election via social media, newsletters, by mail, or however else you communicate with members.  Reminder emails are a great way to increase voter turn out. Visit the Pew Research Center to learn which social media platforms are most popular for certain ages groups.


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