Creating A Robust Online Voting Experience

The world has changed so much in such a short amount of time and it looks like we’re going to be together/apart for a while. What does this mean for member organizations, especially those faced with looming elections?

While many organizations already offer an option for members to cast their ballots online, those that don’t can quickly pivot and add online voting.

Online voting is a step in the right direction for member organizations, but how can you transform your election into a powerful, comprehensive system that can increase voter participation and member satisfaction?

Embedded login links

What’s the simplest and most immediate tool that can be used to increase voter participation? Embedded login links. Your members receive an email invitation or reminder with a unique, automatically authenticated link. They simply click the link and are brought directly to the online ballot. No one ever has to remember a password and each custom link is completely secure.

Email reminders

We all have a lot on our minds and on our plates right now, so it’s very easy to forget the upcoming once-a-year member election. No contact, regularly scheduled email reminders are proven to increase voter turnout making it more likely your members will cast their ballots. Each round of participation reminders can increase voter turnout up to 5 percent* and multiple reminders are most effective.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The average person uses at least 13 passwords across all their accounts, having to remember yet another unique password and complicated login procedure is going to turn many members off and discourage them from voting in your election.

You already have a website, SSO technology just transforms it into an online voting portal your members can easily access with great familiarity. No new user names, no new passwords, no searching an unfamiliar website.

Social media sharing

Social media usage has skyrocketed during the international COVID-19 pandemic. When your members are already using social media, you should also be using it as a tool to keep them engaged and remind them of the upcoming election.

Give members the opportunity to ask questions about the election and solicit their feedback to improve this and future elections. Your organization and its members are a community and, now more than ever, that feeling of community and togetherness is important. Make connections, share resources and answer questions over social media and you’ll inspire more members to participate when you need their ballots and their voices.

Many member organizations have been offering an online voting option for years, some are just offering an online election option now. Whatever camp your organization falls in, online elections are here to stay. You can increase voter member satisfaction and see an extraordinary uptick in ballots cast when you invest in a few simple tools to make your online election convenient for all.

Have questions about online election tools and options? Ready to add robust options to your online election? Contact us now, we’re here to help.

*Based on internal election data 2015-2019.*