Must-Have Tools for Law Firms: Meetings, Partner Approvals & Advising Clients

Law firms have unique needs, especially when it comes to virtual meetings, approving new partners, and advising their cliental. Fortunately, there are tools available to help make your practice and processes easier, more efficient, and highly secure.

Gone are the days of pouring over legal texts that lined the bookshelves of partners’ offices. Today’s legal services are tech-forward, moving information and action at incredible speed. But, technology is generally not being adopted as quickly as it needs to be when it comes to the boardroom.

Whether it’s overcoming board or senior partner reluctance or distrust in security measures, Survey & Ballot Systems has dealt with it all with more than 30 years of experience. When law firms reach out, here are our top recommendations.

 Board Meetings

The global pandemic upended in-person business in every industry, but particularly the legal world. When even court dates are moved to the digital realm, it’s time for your law firm’s board of directors to embrace meeting virtually as well.

One of the biggest challenges has been the need for leaders and committees to be able to securely, anonymously vote on motions and agenda items, but also maintain the ability to change items in real time.

Free polling software doesn’t do the job you need it to and it’s not secure. DirectVoteLive is the top solution for law firms. This customizable voting software is built specifically for highly secure virtual meetings. You can use DirectVoteLive with any online meeting software (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.) and it provides credentialed access only to invited, verified participants. No meeting crashers allowed.

Meeting hosts can verify official attendance, can utilize pre-set motions or add new motions as the arise during the meeting, in real time. Participants can safely attend the meeting from anywhere, on any device. Not only does this boost meeting attendance and participation, it improves your firm’s governance.

Approving New Partners

Regardless of how many directors, partners or associates take part in the partnership approval process, it’s important that the system be fair and secure. From fully managed elections to self-administered online voting platforms, SBS offers a multitude of tools with expert guidance to assist during the process.

For smaller groups, real-time voting software can work perfectly to securely, anonymously and officially vote to approve new partners. But, for larger firms, our DIY Election Software is the best fit, with easy setup and custom ballot options, simple administration, industry-leading communications options and the highest available level of security. DIY election software will ensure your firm’s partnership approval process is as flawless and sterling as your reputation.

Advising Clients

Attorneys and law firms are also highly regarded when it comes to providing recommendations and advice to boards of directors. As a trusted representative of a nonprofit organization or corporation’s stakeholders, not only is it critical to ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards, but also to guide organizations in smart business management and corporate governance moves.

So many official meetings that require a quorum were formerly in-person, but now take place digitally. The organizations that haven’t yet relied on virtual meetings in the past will certainly need to embrace them now and into the future. They’re not going away, so tools need to be incorporated to make essential meeting functions and processes easier, more efficient and highly secure.

With our Real-time Voting Software, attorneys and general counsel now have a dependable tool to rely on to host secure, confidential votes and to communicate with shareholders and stakeholders in situations where official voting or approval is necessary. Not only to the boards and organizations they advise, but to their own law firms as well.

If you’d like to learn more, reach out — we’re here to help. Our digital meeting and election experts can help you craft custom solutions to meet your firm’s biggest voting challenges.