The Benefits of E-Polling Tools for Meetings

Polling is an effective method for two-way communication within organizations. Administrators can engage their members, and members can share their views with leadership. Using polls at your meetings results in improved transparency, increased member satisfaction and enhanced engagement.

Benefits of a Live Voting Poll Online

E-polling offers several characteristics that are beneficial for organizations.


Polling is a standard data collection process in many organizations. This system for data collection gives administrators a sense of what members or participants feel about a given topic, and they can drive decision-making within an organization.

While polling as a process is beneficial, conventional paper polling doesn’t reflect the modern sensibilities of many people. With an online polling tool, your organization can showcase its commitment to innovative practices that resonate with your members.


E-polling systems integrate various security features to support transparent polls with protected data. These security features can vary widely based on providers, but they can include:

  • Data encryption
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cloud backup


Online polling systems can ensure the integrity of results with verified attendance. Control access to your organization’s poll with unique links, QR codes or other methods for participants, and keep polls active for your preferred period.


Some polls are sensitive or require member identity to be confidential. An e-polling system can offer participant confidentiality just as paper polls can. These confidentiality features can be as simple as a quick toggle selection in your poll settings, keeping all participants’ answers invisible to other members.


E-polls are an accessible way to collect live, instant feedback from your members, encouraging participation. Participants can contribute from their computers, tablets, phones or other devices and start providing feedback immediately. The added convenience of e-polling benefits organizations that meet with members worldwide. Regardless of where a member is, they can participate in your poll.

How to Use an Online Polling System

Your organization can use e-polling for virtually any secure polling need. With e-polls, you can:

  • Leverage flexible polling options.
  • Share supporting documents with group members.
  • Gather and manage qualitative feedback.
  • Provide members with the ability to participate anywhere, anytime.
  • Participate in polling in real-time.

Organizations use e-polling to collect data and information regarding:

  • Volunteer opportunity decision-making
  • Corporate courses or trainings offered
  • Feedback on events
  • Rates, fees or dues for membership or services
  • Classroom quizzes in educational settings
  • Employee satisfaction and workplace decisions
  • In-person, hybrid and online event formats
  • Services offered to members
  • HR benefit changes
  • Policy and bylaw reviews and updates

Learn About Solutions From Survey & Ballot Systems

Polling is an essential practice for organizations to collect data and understand member perspectives. Still, it only accounts for a fraction of decision-making in associations, clubs, unions and other organizations. Official elections are the driving force behind these democratic groups.

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