Free survey tools don’t belong in your elections [Video]

Free survey tools are an excellent way to informally poll members of your organization, but shouldn’t be used to collect and report election data.

Hello, and welcome to the Survey & Ballot Systems video blog about free survey tools.

While free survey tools have their uses, their security leaves much to be desired if being used for your election. For instance, the tools have a limited ability to ensure individuals only vote once.

Although your members want convenient, transparent elections that are suited to their voting preference;  they also expect results to be based on secure voting methods. Using services designed for other purposes in an attempt to cut costs can cause major problems, with disputed election results being one of them.

Opt for a tailored voting application that comes complete with comprehensive security, reporting and customer support.

Organizations should do all they can to encourage voter participation, and making sure members can trust the results is an essential part.

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