Providing Transparent Elections

Election Transparency

When it comes to planning your election, a key goal is to ensure that the tabulation process is handled in a fair and transparent manner.

Transparency is a key factor for supporting a credible election. The election transparency process is one in which each step is open to scrutiny by members and staff. Providing election transparency establishes trust and confidence in the process, as voters have a means to verify the results are an accurate reflection of the will of the members.

Members want to fully participate in your democratic process with the comfort of knowing that the election is being managed in a transparent and secure manner. What are some ways that your organization can promote this aspect of ethical voting?

Providing members with the ability to vote

Ensuring a transparent, credible election should start with a comprehensive list of all your eligible voting members.  An accurate voter list is beneficial when validating that eligible voters are aware of how to vote, as well as communicating where to cast a ballot and when they can expect to receive the results.

Whether you’re using paper, web, or both paper and online voting methods, providing your members with election reminders can raise awareness of your upcoming election. Reminders are more effective when they’re also promoted across multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These allow you to increase your voter participation rate and back up your organization if members claim they weren’t provided the proper notifications for an election.

Is your election secure?

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Members should expect clear instructions on what type of voting method you’ll be using. Communicate to your members when they should expect their ballot to arrive or receive the login information, who will be tabulating the ballots and when you plan to reveal the results to members.


Security and transparency go hand in hand during your election process. When an organization can show members how their votes will be tabulated in a secure manner, they’ll feel more inclined to participate.

Without top-notch security practices in place, it’s easy for members to question whether the outcome of your election was credible when you can’t ensure that ballots are being tabulated correctly.

Survey & Ballot Systems Offers 100% Election Transparency

If your organization has run into issues of election transparency or ethical voting practices in the past, one great option you have is to work with a third-party election management company like Survey & Ballot Systems. SBS is able to securely administer your election with an unbiased perspective that will let your members know their votes are properly tabulated and secured, for a credible election.

Contact us to learn more about how SBS can help you achieve election transparency, request a quote, or call our toll-free number at 1-800-974-8099.