Getting HOA Members to Vote in Your Elections

We often hear about the problem many homeowners’ associations (HOAs) face when it comes to getting their members to vote. Without voters, the board is often unable to get a quorum, often leading to nothing substantial getting accomplished.

This frustration can be avoided with a comprehensive communications plan and a strategy to make it easy for members to vote in your next election. How?

Shout it from the rooftops

While it might seem possible to over-communicate with your HOA members, the more “touchpoints” they have to remind them of an upcoming election, the more likely they’ll participate.

Most HOAs share the news of an upcoming election by circulating flyers and sending an email to members, but if you have low election turnout, you know those efforts alone are not enough.

Engaging members on multiple social media platforms can help you reach a variety of demographics in the spaces they’re already spending time. As a bonus, social media outlets make it easy for members to share posts with fellow members.

If your HOA is not on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, it’s time to give it a try! More than 50 percent of Americans have at least one social media account and more than half of Americans ages 45-55 are on social media. While your members may not yet consider voting a regular habit, social media usage is most definitely a habit with the average user, who checks their mobile device 74 times each day.


Studies show that a minimum of three reminders are necessary to ensure that the details of an event stick with someone. Indirect reminders, like sharing candidate bios, are an effective way to keep your HOA election in front of members.

Incorporating social pressure tactics, such as the ever-present “I Voted” Election Day stickers, has shown success. You can even encourage members to share with their entire social network that they voted in the HOA election!

Online reminders, emails, postcards, letters – should be utilized by HOA’s as long as they’re carefully crafted and well-timed.

Make voting easy

One of the best ways to get HOA members to vote in an election is to make it easy and convenient. Paper ballots can be tedious for voters and election officials, so moving the election online (or adding online voting as an option), is a great option.

Survey & Ballot Systems offers the safe, secure and easy-to-manage DIY Election Software to accommodate the unique needs of HOAs with up to 5,000 voters. For just $699, your organization can self-administer an online election that allows voters to cast their ballots with just a few clicks. Or you can let SBS help build your election with you.

Need more information on how to get your HOA members to cast their ballots for a successful election? Contact SBS, we’re here to help.