How Your Cooperative Election Can Increase Member Satisfaction

Much has been said about the importance of cooperative elections as an important governance tool – they are a vital cooperative pillar and allows members to shape the future of your organization. Additionally, elections also are a great opportunity to boost member satisfaction throughout the cooperative. What are some ways that voting can actually make your members happier with the organization?

Members Feel Valued

Efforts made to get every member to cast a ballot won’t be lost on your voters. This shows that their opinion is important and their membership is something that is genuinely valued. Adding voting methods to reach people where they are and in ways that are convenient to them tells everyone the importance of the voting process and how it is a priority.

Feedback is Important

Within your election, you should have a tool that enables you to gather feedback from your members. By allowing voters to provide their thoughts on the election process, you are not only showing them you value their opinion, but also gaining valuable insight for future elections. The more input you get, the more closely you can meet your members’ needs and increase their satisfaction.

Members trust a thorough, transparent process

Members want to know that the voting process is there to serve the best interests of the cooperative. Having a very transparent process for nominating and voting can serve to bring peace of mind to members that their voices are listened to. Being above reproach means members can’t doubt the motives of your cooperative and its leadership, and this can be a great boost to member satisfaction.