Here’s why myDV is perfect for your election [Video]


Big tools can make a mess of a small job. That’s why you need the right sized solution for your election.

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myDirectVote is designed for elections of 5,000 voters or fewer. It’s self-administered, easy to use and entirely online. Setup is a breeze, as is testing. And once the election closes, you can easily produce accurate reports.

Don’t worry about connecting with members. Email broadcasts and reminders are built right into the application. You can even ensure reminders only go out to those members who have yet to vote. And for voters on-the-go, the election site is mobile-friendly. If needed, you can also print personalized ballots and letters for voters who prefer traditional communication options.

myDirectVote is ideal for country clubs, student governments, unions, homeowners’ associations, credit unions and food co-ops, as well as sub-groups for larger unions and associations.

Request a demo or apply for a free trial by visiting the myDirectVote page located under Voting Services on our website. Thanks for watching.